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Terms & conditions Carmanama GmbH

1 The contract of sale is completed when the seller has confirmed acceptance of the order within 60 days of delivery, or delivery has been made. During this period, the buyer / purchaser is bound to the binding order. A revocation by the purchaser during this time is not possible with stock / supply vehicles is lost this confirmation, provided they are within 60 days. No recourse for non-delivery. Agreements, Nebenabredungen and assurances must be in writing. Transfer of Rights and Obligations of the Buyer under the purchase agreement require the written consent of the seller. The price of the purchased item does not include discount and other rebates. The purchase price and prices for additional services are due upon delivery of the purchased item and delivery of the invoice for payment by SWIFT transfer. The price is net in € uro (Price for export without VAT). If during the delivery period the price increase by the manufacturer, the seller must continue to calculate this price increase. The buyer has the right to a written confirmation of the% rate of price increase of foreign suppliers. 

2 Delivery periods begin with the contract and be binding or non-binding. The buyer can 6 weeks after exceeding a non-binding delivery deadline in writing, require the seller to deliver within a reasonable time. The buyer can only demand next delivery, replacement of the damage caused by delay if the seller intentionally or great negligence, subject to the self-supply. Force majeure, strikes, riots, lockouts and malfunctions changes to the stated deadlines. Structural or equipment changes, variations in color and change the scope of delivery of the manufacturer / importer / exporter are reserved, if the purchase is not significantly changed and the changes are reasonable for the buyer during the delivery period. 

3 The buyer has the right to inspect the purchased item at the agreed place of acceptance within 8 days after receipt of the notification of readiness and duty to pick up the purchased item within this period. If the buyer, with the decrease of the purchased item more than 14 days from receipt of the notification of availability in arrears, the seller can communicate to the buyer a grace period of 8 days with the declaration that he will refuse a decrease after this period. After expiration of the grace period, the seller is entitled by written notice from the contract or to claim damages for non-performance. If the seller requires compensation shall amount to 15% of the purchase price. The buyer is free to prove a minor damage. The purchase remains subject to all debts owned by the seller. During the period of retention of the right shall belong to the seller in possession of the motor vehicle registration. Performs a fault (eg a ban on exports, Kontigentierung or organizational reasons the manufacturer) to prevent / impossibility of delivery, the seller may cancel the contract immediately. Further claims by the purchaser are excluded in this case. 

4 The buyer is mandatorily required to maintain its Gewährleistungs-/Garantieansprüche to let perform all inspection and maintenance work in authorized manufacturer-contracted organization (brand companies) in accordance with the intervals specified in the checkbook. All inspections are chargeable. Gewährleistungs-/Garantiearbeiten can only be performed by an authorized manufacturer-contracted organization. If the purchased item because of a warranty obligation error inoperable, the buyer has to contact the authorized by the manufacturer for the care of the purchase object operation. The buyer was pointed out that the warranty period has possibly already begun due to a foreign daily admission. Basically, the warranty obligations of the manufacturer, of the warranty period shall apply upon delivery of the non-domestic trader. 

5 of performance and jurisdiction for both parties for all present and future claims is the location of the seller. 

6 We expressly point out that all prices listed are net quoted without taxes and duties on this website, because this car offers are intended exclusively as an export deals for car dealers third EU countries! This vehicle dealers are verpflichet remove all susceptible taxes and duties in their EU country. Carmanama assumes no liability! 

7 Links to partners: Carmanama assumes no responsibility for the content of any links to third party websites.