A small Team with big Ideas!

Our Dedicated team will care for your personal requests and care you from quotation

to delivery and the timely receipt of vehicle documents

Who we are?

Our team has been active in the International Vehicle Trade since 2006. We serve more than 400 small, medium and big customers. Our customer database is including only car dealers and wholesalers within EU, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Our goal is to bring satisfaction to our suppliers and our customers. We only promise what we can deliver. We trade with EU new vehicles as well as occasionlly with young used cars with a very good quality.

The Carmanama Autoblog - online since 2014 – will propose you the coverage in words and pictures for the latest new products of various car brands.

What we do?

  • show price advantages to our customers
  • sell new and young used cars
  • Vehicle Logistics 
  • test new cars
  • Blog about new cars 

Serious Checkout:

It’s important for us to make a good impression and to make you confident for our deals. So before every purchase we clarify you personally about the procedure. And if you have some questions, please feel free to ask us any time

A small team with big ideas

Alexander Rief

General Manager
AutoNews Editor

Telefon: +43(0)7229-21112-10
Mobil: +43(0)660-8800110
Fax: +43(0)732-210022-4970
E-Mail: alex@carmanama.com
Skype: myeuropecar.at

Iris Gruber

EU Sales

Telefon: +43(0)7229-21112-20
Mobil: +43(0)699-18800120
Fax: +43(0)732-210022-4970
E-Mail: iris@carmanama.com
Skype: iris.carmanama

Julia Kaiser

EU Italy, Germany

Telefon: +43(0)7229-21112-15
Mobil: +43(0)699-18800110
Fax: +43(0)732-210022-4970
E-Mail: julia@carmanama.com
Skype: julia.carmanama

Mario Hozza

EU Sales&Slovakia

Mobil: +421(0)911214724
Fax: +43(0)732-210022-4970
E-Mail: mario@carmanama.com
Skype: mario.carmanama

Zlata Rief

Marketing & Sales Czech Republic

Telefon: +43(0)7229-21112
Mobil: +43(0)660-8800120
Fax: +43(0)732-210022-4970
E-Mail: zlata@carmanama.com
Skype: zlata.carmanama

Nikolay Karaulanov †

Our friend and colleague Nikolay died after an accident on 16.6.2011 in the age of 33 years. Much too early.

Nikolay was a great guy, always friendly, always fun. Popular with young and old. For customers, friends and colleagues.

Every goodbye is the birth of a memory. We forget You never! Friends and colleagues